122 thoughts on “Tea Steam

  1. brilliant! Looks really effective and I bet not many people would have been able to guess what it was! Love it when the ordinary becomes extraordinary 🙂 great pic

  2. This reminds me of a version of those pinprick models…those ones that are created when you push an object into a table of long pins to create a 3D image. Or an ultrasound even…such a great image…

  3. How did you isolate your subject from the deep black background? :).. Did you use any flash or something?

    Nice photo

    • thanks – no flash, just a long lens with a selective depth of field of about two inches. I had a black coat hanging over a chair about two feet behind the mug so it was out of focus and provided the contrast to see the steam in the beam of sunlight.

  4. the beauty of photography! i love it when people see something special in the simple things we usually just take for granted

  5. I really like that you can make out the individual droplets….what was the sutter speed? Oh, and was this digital or slide film?

  6. it’s beautiful. thank you for sharing this. i remember a blog owned by someone who just loves taking photos of dust — on tables, on the floor. it’s making immortal what is usually ephemeral.

    • the mug was on the kitchen table and a beam of sunlight was streaming in. the steam looked magical and I wondered if I could catch it. So I put a black coat on a chair about two feet behind the mug to get nice separation. I then put on my long lens – 75-300 and sat back out of the light. I focused at about 200-250 mm on a two inch depth of field of the steam and took lots of interesting photos with a really fast shutter speeds.

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  9. Wonderful image! I love the abstractions that we’re able to pick up with our cameras. This reminded me of night shots that show those weird trails of light and often create strange shapes that we do not see with our own eyes. I can see a hot cup of coffee, its steam, my camera, and an early morning shot in my future!!!

  10. I’m someone who has never really been big into photography because so many things are overdone, but this is lovely and original. I think I may love photography now! Beautiful work.

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