10 thoughts on “Farmhouse Window

  1. I like this – I love the colours and textures. It also makes you wonder about the story of the place.
    It’s been very breezy here (too windy for flower close-ups really) so I’ve been photographing wood and rusty things around the garden; it’s opened up a whole new world. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for photography!

  2. Thank you – yes it has been windy here too – so I stand/crouch and wait for a brief moment it stops to click the shutter – yesterday I needed to be particularly patient.

    I can totally relate to photographing rusty things and such. A week ago, while up north with my sister, I came across a burned out old house and barn that had been abandoned – I had a great time! will post a bunch of those shots soon. My sister just could not understand my sheer glee at this find! ha ha…

  3. Glorious textures and natural degradation so keely captured. I love your eye for the shot here and the details that are captured. The shadow play, too works so well along with that almost abstract reflection.

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