Pink Clouds

Pink Clouds

Native to Asia, southern Europe and western North America, the Peony is a perennial plant with large, fragrant flowers. Peonies, used in art throughout history, are a traditional floral symbol of China known as the "flower of riches & honour."

© Sheila Creighton 2011

8 thoughts on “Pink Clouds

  1. Very pretty! I like the touch of red. Peonies are so pretty – we have a couple in the garden but I think the area is too shady now and they don’t do very well.

    • thanks – mine are also in a shady spot and aren’t doing too great. I’ve been thinking of trying to move them. I had to cut these flowers to photograph since they had all flopped over. .. but boy do they smell nice!

  2. I admire your ability to match the title with the images so brilliantly! My climate is too hot and harsh for these beauties, but I’m an admirer just the same.

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