Soda Water

Soda Water

This is a bit of fun. I drink a lot of soda water and carbonated spring water and avoid pop. Not because I don't like it but because of the calories, sugar etc.. (note: in the States, soda is what us Canadians call pop). I have a glass around all the time and the other day when it was sitting in the sun all bubbly and effervescent I thought it would make a nice subject.

© Sheila Creighton 2011

14 thoughts on “Soda Water

  1. What a cool photo! People in the US often say that you can tell which area a person is from not only from their accent, but whether they say “soda” or “pop”. I’m from Michigan, and we call it POP (always have, always will)! 🙂 Some areas refer to it as Coke, no matter what it is (Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, etc….).

    • thanks Holly! wow really? I guess I’ve only ever heard it referred to as soda by Americans and on TV. Michigan is so close to us here that there are likely a lot of similarities that have nothing to do with a border.

  2. You thought right, Sheila. It’s amazing the things around us that we so often take for granted, that make great compositions isn’t it. The depth of focus here works wonderfully and the little bubbles seem ready to let go and head for the surface. I like your eye for the frame. Hope it did not go flat or warm whilst you were making this composition… ha ha.

    Over here in the UK we call it a soft drink when we refer to coke, Lemondade, Fanta etc. My family in Canada always say soda for the same thing. Neat post, have a great day.

    • thanks Paul – no did not go flat, ha ha. soft drink is also used here (on menus) … very British eh? when I order “soda” in a restaurant here, they usually know I mean Club Soda, however there are times when I get asked, what kind?

  3. Anything fizzy here in South Africa is referred to as “cool drink” – presumably because it is not enjoyable if it is warm and the day is also warm…or something like that. I also drink a lot of soda water – my other fizzy weakness includes ginger ale… 🙂

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