18th Century Endpapers

18th Century Endpapers

Here's something different - I documented some antique French books from the 1700s yesterday and marvelled at the artistry of them with their leather and gold but that was nothing compared to the amazing - cosmic - endpapers!

© Sheila Creighton 2011


12 thoughts on “18th Century Endpapers

  1. How interesting! The colours are so strong – it reminds me of an album cover from the 60s (imagination again). Beautiful.
    I love to learn about new things – thanks Sheila.

  2. A beautiful shot, Sheila! It shows that the bookbinding was a type of ‘art’ in itself, not just an end product. The book itself was meant to be enjoyed and appreciated, not just the story. 🙂

  3. I listened to a discussion about the future of art books, in this digital age. Somehow I think there’ll still be those like me, who want the real thing. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Gorgeous paper! I remember when I worked at a hotel on the Isle of Mull, an artist had a studio nearby and produced beautiful patterns using different coloured inks on water(?) in a screen-box type thingie, then resting the paper on top to absorb the colour. I remember it took quite some skill to not blur the colours too much or streak them when removing the paper from the screen. I bought quite a few rolls of the paper, which I then used as book covers 🙂

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