Tir na nOg Gate Detail

ornate metal gate detail

This is a detail of an art installation in Stratford by artist Mark Czajkowski called tir na nOg - Land of Youth. It is an ornate metal gateway from Downie Street into a small park. Tir na nOg is a popular otherworld in Irish mythology thought to be on an island far beyond the edges of maps and reachable only by a long, challenging journey or by invitation from a fairy who lived there.

© Sheila Creighton 2011


18 thoughts on “Tir na nOg Gate Detail

  1. It’s really very beautiful. I like the detail and the colours – is it called a patina when it’s metal? Not sure.

    Are you able to insert a gallery with this theme Sheila? Viewers could then click on the thumbnail to get the bigger picture. I can do it with Duotone although I do sometimes use the slideshow feature instead.

    • it sure is lovely metal work – yes patina applies to metals. the Monotone theme does not allow for anything added other than pages. Duotone improved on that but I prefer just one colour bg – so it’s a trade off.

  2. Oh yes! I’m sure you could do an entire series on this structure … in various lighting — backlit by a storm would be awesome! Thank you so much for including some the history of it as well 🙂

  3. According to the “My Stratford” blog about a year ago, Mark Czajkowski is now in St. Mary’s, running his business “Creative Carpentry” and connected to a gallery called “Creations.” I understand he also created a Remembrance gateway by the St. Mary’s War Memorial. That’s a terrific photo!

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