Three Windows

Three Windows

I love the ornate brickwork of Victorian-style commercial architecture in the downtown heritage district of Stratford, Ontario. This view shows  second floor windows of Blowes Cards & Gifts on Wellington Street.

© Sheila Creighton 2011

28 thoughts on “Three Windows

    • I totally hear you!! I was actually thinking of going into the store and asking them if I could “set dress” their windows.. ha ha.. but my philosophy is to take the image as I find it and try to work around the imperfections… ha ha that’s funny cause it bothers me too, but I’m hoping the overall design will pull people’s eyes away from those elements…

  1. More great architecture, love it! Curious about the curtains on the left…..what’s been going on there I wonder…..!

  2. I love the way that time has mad this stucture more interesting by creating the definition in the bricks. I imagine when it was first painted, the bricks blended together, now time and dirt has enhanced the lines of the bricks. Great shot, Sheila! 🙂

    • thanks Ted – I see what you are saying but from a distance it is hard to tell that the bricks are actually different colors – imagine the bricklayer being able to work his magic per the architect to create such detail?

  3. Lovely shot. I like the differences in the windows – curtains & lighting. A mystery waiting to be told – why is one curtain hanging? – cats, kids, or a secret message?

  4. They are beautiful windows 🙂
    I didn’t see the net until I’d finished looking at the brickwork. The shop owners probably dress their shop windows with careful pride and havn’t thought to look up. I wonder if they’ve noticed.

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