18 thoughts on “Bug Lace

  1. Beautifully done, there’s an insurance advert on tv here where a man cuts off a branch of a tree while he’s sitting on it and falls. These clever little bugs have left just enough leaf to provide firm footing back to the main plant to start again on another leaf.

    • thanks M – it may even be caterpillars… not sure. yeah I thought it looked neat although I generally try to take images of near perfect looking leaves… guess this is perfectly destroyed.

    • thanks – I was hoping it would turn out like that when I was shooting. It was a very hot day and my dog Luke was pulling to get going.. ha ha .. he is so patient with me and my camera.

  2. That’s a reallly nice picture, Sheila. The way that the half-eaten leaf lies across the picture from centre right down to (almost) the lower left hand corner, is completely at one with the out of focus part of the plant top left, which is leaning out towards the picture’s left. If this out of focus plant were leaning towards the right, the shot would be less good. FATman

  3. Hmm.. could this be the “vegetarian’s” equivalent of not eating your greens – not eating the veins?? 😉
    Beautiful, delicate capture..

  4. Again – enjoying seeing this the second time around. I took an image of a skeletal leaf last year but haven’t as yet posted it. It’s not as pretty as this one!

  5. Sheila, you posted another favorite! How many favorites now? I lost track! As usual, you have a way with words as well as image! I love your expression “bug lace”!

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