38 thoughts on “Morning Glow

  1. Wow – and even more wows! This is absolutely gorgeous. I love everything about this image. I’ve tried a few times to get a similar effect – particularly with my petunias – but the results are all rubbish. I’m going to leave this page open on my laptop today so I can keep looking at it!

  2. Gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, wonderful – I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! If I could vote for which posts get picked for “Freshly Pressed” – I’d nominate this one so that everyone could see it 🙂
    I’m liking what Monotone has done with this one!!

      • The most important thing about the 7 Links is that you do enjoy it (well, at least that’s what I think!) It’s a good place to be in if the decision making isn’t easy – it means you have some awesome posts to choose from to share with us!!

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