Assisi Church Fence

Assisi  Church Fence

Here's an image I took a few years ago in Assisi, Italy of an ornate fence in the beautiful Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi. The lovely pinkish hued stone is used in construction throughout the town. Although quite a tourist trap, it is still one of the most stunning, spiritual places I have ever visited.

© Sheila Creighton 2011

7 thoughts on “Assisi Church Fence

    • thank you m – when I took this, it was partly to document so one day I could have a garden gate/fence made like it… so pretty. not big on the bg colour monotone chose though… perhaps I can tweak it to find another colour…

      • there… cropped the right side slightly – which actually makes it a stronger image, and monotone took a warmer background colour that works better with the pinkish stone.

  1. I can’t remember what the original bg colour was now. I know what you mean though – most times the bg is a fortunate colour – other times not so good. I’ve sometimes changed my mind on an intended post because I haven’t liked the bg.

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