20 thoughts on “Red Grass

    • thanks EP – I thought it might be that… but could not find an example with the darker stripes. but perhaps just a variety? Would love to know so I can get some for my next garden. will look again!

      • You’re welcome! Just taking a guess here – maybe the stripes get darker as the grass turns more red. Like I said before – I’m no expert. Good luck! I hope you find what you’re looking for. It’s a beautiful ornamental grass.

  1. I love this – the colours are wonderful. I’m wondering whether the grass is a type of phormium or New Zealand Flax. I’ve grown them in the past – mainly the green variety but I think this might be a red species.

  2. Great color and composition. I love ornamental grasses. We have many of the wheat colored ones here. Some have a golden-orange hue to them.

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