20 thoughts on “Dog and Blue Curtains

    • thanks Carola – only one snow storm (up north where I work during the week) and in London in southern Ontario (where I’m home for weekends) it is still nice and fall-like.. you never know here when and where snow will happen. they’re calling for +10c temps later this week… 🙂

  1. Aw: I hope he didn’t have to wait long! Lovely image.

    Snow eh? Well, the chap who said we would have it here in England got it slightly wrong 🙂 We’re still enjoying one of the warmest Autumns ever.

    • thanks m – I don’t think he waited long.. yes snow – one dumping here in central/northern Ontario – still very fall-like at home in southern Ontario.. one never knows with the lakes when and where it will snow. Glad you are having such a nice warm fall!

  2. I love this photograph! It reminds me of my dog how she sits in the front window of our house and doesn’t move until one of her family members comes home.

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