Sad to say we lost our cat Riki yesterday. She had a long and adventurous life of 16 years. I found her at the Oakville Humane Society when she was 12 weeks old – they said she was sickly and might not live long. She sure showed them! A true greeter cat, Riki loved everyone she met. Here is an image I posted in 2009 of her helping in the garden.

© Sheila Creighton 2012

17 thoughts on “Riki

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. The problem with pets is that they just don’t live long enough. Give yourself time to grieve, knowing that other pet owners know what a big hole their passing leaves in our hearts.

  2. My condolences Sheila, it’s hard to lose a good friend and she looks simply wonderful in this great photo. She chose a great home filled with love – what more could a cat want! ♥

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