Canada Wildrye

Canada Wildrye

A view from the ditch on Eight Mile Road near London of a large patch of Canada Wildrye. This native, perennial, wild bunchgrass is so named as its curving seedhead looks a lot like cultivated rye. One of the great things about having a blog is that it forces me to find out what some of these plants I photograph are, which is neat because I end up learning something about my surroundings and I hope you enjoy finding out too!

© Sheila Creighton 2012

8 thoughts on “Canada Wildrye

  1. Cool 🙂 I am too lazy to figure out what I am shooting unless its always there. I like the foggy aspect to this picture as well. I get happy when I see fog/mist and the possibilities of what I can do with the scene run through my head a million miles a second. 🙂 Too bad Edmonton does not get a lot of fog.

  2. The wildrye looks beautiful as does the corn beyond. I like the layers in this image.

    Yes – I have also learned a lot about plants and wildlife since photographing and posting Nature 🙂

    • thanks – I see this stuff everywhere and had no idea what it was. birds really like it and it is a solution for erosion apparently…

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