11 thoughts on “Wooden Pumpkins

  1. I got a shock when your page opened! I love the theme and new format for your work. It’s interesting to see your images without the colour borders of Monotone. Your work – already so strong – is enhanced by the strong monochrome framing. I also like being able to continually scroll to see the different images.

    I love this image – an interesting and lovely variation on a theme!

    • Thanks Meanderer. It sure has taken me a while to change it. I was getting so tired of not having control and actually disliked some of the colours it chose for me. Only drawback is I have to re-size and reload past images or they all look small. This theme offers so much more and I agree that it shows my work better – especially the very colourful images.

      • Yes – I have the same problem with some of my older images and current theme. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to it either: some older images are large, some small. I’m sure I read that there is a quick way to re-size older images but I can’t remember what it is; I think it might have involved an upgrade to CSS but I’m not sure. Might be worth posing the question in the forums or to support as you have a large archive 🙂

      • I looked but can’t find anything. the problem is that Monotone scaled the images down to insert them so WordPress thinks they are smaller… oh well something to do on cold winter nights. 🙂

      • Beautiful composition. Initially, I though you processed a photo of actual pumpkins to get the effect. Making assumptions about pumpkins. 😀
        I noticed with some of your posted shots that the size was off. If I refreshed the page or clicked the image it would go to the actual size you had intended.

  2. A Halloween picture is on my P52 TODO list right now.
    Unfortunately the event is not much celebrated in our region, and not at all in our family.
    Almost took a picture of last sunday’s stew because it had pumpkin chunks in it, but my hunger was stronger than the project. 🙂
    Any way – I will find something until the end of the week.

    • it’s a big deal with the little ones here trick or treating… we always have lots of leftover candy because it is so hard to know how many you’ll get. that’s why I buy chocolate that I like. 🙂

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