Urban Deer

Urban Deer

Three deer keep an eye on me as I approach them in a field in south London. With only my phone camera on me – no zoom – I was surprised I could get this close.

© Sheila Creighton 2013

12 thoughts on “Urban Deer

  1. We live near a refinery and there are so many deer living within the fenced in area….often though, they find their way out and wander into our neighbourhood. I’ve often come home to find them in our yard, on the driveway or wandering the streets. It’s funny how they react – they turn away and stand stock still. I have sat in my car for 30 minutes watching them, waiting for them to move. They never do until something else startles them or I open the car door…..it’s slightly unnerving but really they have to find food somewhere!

    • that’s neat Paula. we also have them in Medway Creek near where I live but they always run off quite frightened. These three in the photo live in a large wooded area so I’m on their turf… 🙂

    • my dog, Luke, can always smell them or where they’ve been and pulls to check it out… they do freeze when they see him and the dog can’t see them if they’re not moving (like rabbits) but he’s always on a leash in these parts…I’m sure Fred will be curious.

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