Days Before Demolition

Days Before Demolition

Here’s an image of the Sarnia Road bridge that I posted a detail image of the wires a couple of days ago. This historic bridge – that had been at this location for 102 years – was demolished a few days after I took this shot.  Its one lane feature slowed people down a bit and made them be more courteous. Although a grey day when I shot this,  I thought I should show you what the whole structure looked like before ‘progress’ decided it was obsolete.

© Sheila Creighton 2013

9 thoughts on “Days Before Demolition

    • who knows… they could have chosen other options such as adding a second bridge but it would not be seamless and modern looking and many people thought the bridge was just old junk…. me, I’m a history lover, so I never viewed it like that.

  1. Speed, the fast pace enforced upon people brings unforeseen consequences – unforeseen by the blind, that is. Courtesy IS become obsolete…….:-(
    Will you compile subjects such as this into a book one day Sheila?

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