13 thoughts on “Waiting for Purple

  1. Ugh! It reminds me of spring! 😀 It’s so awesome watching it slowly seeping back into the landscape. This morning the bog beside my folks house was starting to green over with scum and moss again. It looks like grass in the spring and summer, like the swamp trees are half buried. Oh man I can’t wait till I can plant gardens and stuff. Thank you for the awesome image.

  2. I went to Allen Gardens in downtown Toronto yesterday to get my colourful flower fix….the flowers were such a boost in the dreariness of winter. This photo is such a hopeful (and beautiful) sign of spring.

  3. Waiting… waiting! We saw a bit of purple and then the snow flattened it!! My good Lady tool the photo…

    Also in the gallery is a pic of a juggler by your’s truly and another one by the GLW… 😉

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