11 thoughts on “Walker’s Pond

      • just in case you are not aware of it, you can load images larger than your theme. eg my theme is 860px wide, but my images are 1200px. If you then click on one of my images, a new window opens showing you the full 1200px wide image.
        of course everyone must decide for themselves how big an image they want to put out there unprotected, but honestly I don’t think 600px does your images justice.

      • I did not know you could load larger images but as you say they are unprotected and I’m not even sure 600 px is a comfort level for me since I see so many searches coming to my site looking for something that I know they are stealing (although WordPress’ search term reports are now pretty lame). I don’t like huge watermarks but I do know what you mean, especially for landscapes. Hard to know.

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