8 thoughts on “On the Way to Cuba

  1. This is wonderful, Sheila – very simple and just beautiful. I love the cloud textures, and of course the combination of blues and oranges is gorgeous! I can see it tilted 90 degrees clockwise too, for a more abstract effect. Adrian

  2. Sheila, I don’t know how you will react to this, given that you are a professional as well as a talented photographer, but I wonder whether you would give me permission to use this picture (with full attribution of course) as an illustration for a series of poems on my own blog.
    I’ve recently completed nine poems called The Silk Road which open and close with modern day business travellers looking down on the clouds from a plane. You can see why this photograph came to my mind.
    I want to offer my readers the chance to print out these poems in pamphlet form from a free PDF file and I’m looking for an illustration on the cover and on the blog. I intended to use one of my own photos – but yours is so superior, not just technically but in inspiration.
    How would you feel about this please? I would show you what I had in mind first and agree the attribution and links with you of course.
    PS If you want to check them out, the poems begin at

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