18 thoughts on “Moody Morning Mist

  1. Love! And I’m so glad to see that you still photographs every day. Your site is a joy 🙂

    Quite some time ago, when I was starting Darlinblog, I asked if I could couple your photographs with my poems. Now I’m here, and I would love the same opportunity for National Poetry Month 2014. Game?

  2. My word that’s beautiful !
    One day I must come and see your Thames and compare and contrast it with ours here in England which I know well, both through its rural meanderings and its big presence in London.

    • thank you, John! our forefathers were not too original with naming this area.. ha ha.. it is a beautiful river here winding mostly through rural areas but also right through the heart of London, Ontario (pop 350,000) where it forks. The original Thames is wonderful (was in England many years ago when a teen). You have inspired me to explore the one here, more. 🙂

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