Tulip Beauty 1

Tulip Beauty 1

Here is a black and white image of the pink and white tulips I have been featuring. Inspired by fellow tulip lover, and poet extraordinaire, Cynthia Jobin, as a mini art project, I have taken a bunch of images of these tulips as they age. I will post a bunch over the next several days. I have been surprised at the results as I hope you will be too.

See Cynthia’s blog here: http://littleoldladywho.net/2014/04/16/to-a-tulip/

© Sheila Creighton 2014

8 thoughts on “Tulip Beauty 1

  1. Her writing is lovely Sheila, and so is your image. REally looking forward to the next images. I’ve always seen the beauty in the aging process 🙂

    • thanks, E – I tend to look for the perfect specimens for images so to speak and doing this is teaching me to appreciate form more. Plus I think their shapes change to become stronger and more interesting… hmmm.

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