17 thoughts on “Last Hurrah

  1. Hi Sheila–I am finally getting around to doing a limited edition of my poetry book (as I mentioned to you before). It will be a hardcover with a full color dust jacket. I”m doing a very short run, mostly to give away as gifts. I’d like very much to feature your “Last Hurrah” tulip on the dust jacket. The design and printing will be done at ArtBookbindery, in Winnipeg, MB. At this point I know nothing of their photo resolution requirements, how to get the photo to them, etc. but I’m sure to find out soon. Apparently, part of the deal is a bookselling website…..if I use that, I would expect some remuneration to go to you…but that’s a way off and….we know how hot people are to buy poetry. What do you think? 🙂

    My email here at home is cynthiajobin1@gmail.com

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