3 thoughts on “Blue Brick

  1. While writing a Master’s thesis on the aesthetics of calligraphy many moons ago, I photographed graffiti all around the city of Boston (USA) where none of it was “sanctioned” at the time….some of it was quite beautiful…..this example is superb. Maybe a different mindset occurs in the graffitist depending on the legality/illegality of what he or she is doing…..

    • that is so cool – you really are one neat gal! I think that you are correct that when an artist has permission to do their thing, results can be more visually appealing – time and working in the daylight might be a huge factor… this is not to say that the challenge of ‘unsanctioned’ art/graffiti does not have more sheer energy to it… hmm. you’ve got me thinking now… the medium is the message?

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