Splashes of Colour

Splashes of Colour

Literally – paint colour from the children’s art studio in the building where I work. This is a detail of a much larger Pollock-style paint-strewn work by the kids- the bright orange bits attracted me. After all this black and white, here’s a bit of colour!

© Sheila Creighton 2015

8 thoughts on “Splashes of Colour

  1. Sweet! 🙂
    Before I retired, when I worked as a teacher for the multiply handicapped (all in wheelchairs)… we, in summer set up a huge cooperative painting apparatus. It was a super huge catapult (that the school engineers created), that launched huge paint-covered balls at a giant white surface! The handicapped students would press a button that would launch the balls! It was great fun… and we mounted a couple at the school (on the wall) to display. Looked fantastic too! 🙂

    • that sounds like great fun!! great work you did – art can make such a difference – I’m on a board for an organization that helps people with disabilities get training and find work.

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