Yellow Petal

Yellow Petal

The snow is melting but it’s March, a fluctuating month at the best of times and it’s turning cold again today. My outside daffodils can be seen starting to come up where the piles of snow have receded, so that’s a good sign. Such wonderfully impetuous flowers! šŸ™‚

Ā© Sheila Creighton 2015

4 thoughts on “Yellow Petal

  1. The light yellow along the petal’s edge is my favorite yellow. I call it “lemon chiffon pie.” I just found my recipe for that little treat yesterday, while I was cleaning out my recipe box. It’s from Stone’s Restaurant in Marshalltown, Iowa, c.1950s, and it’s delicious. They called it their mile-high pie, and stacked up the chiffon filling like you wouldn’t believe.

    I used to go to the eye doctor in Marshalltown, and my treat always was that pie, post-appointment. What memories. Now I need to make the pie.

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