4 thoughts on “Talons

  1. I’ve never taken such a close look at an eagle’s feet, and I certainly wouldn’t have imagined they would look so much like a chicken’s feet. Well, except for those talons, of course. If chickens had talons, the balance of power in the farmyard would shift, that’s for sure.

  2. Our parrots’ claws are very sharp… so I can’t imagine how powerful a bald eagle’s talons would be!
    I have permanent scarring on one hand because I exercise my parrots by letting them fly a lot (in repetitions) while on my hand. I can’t wear gloves while doing so, because they associate gloves with getting their nails clipped; they refuse to get on my hand if I am wearing gloves. Lately
    I’ve been putting triple bandages on the calloused spot of my hand… and that is helping a lot.

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