5 thoughts on “Curvy Summer Path

  1. This is so fresh, and cool-looking. I’d love to be walking that path, instead of slogging along through our heat. Even our flowers are drooping and sad. There’s rain in the forecast, though. If it finally comes, it will perk things up.

    The “s” curve in the path reminded me of the very, very old and perhaps just slightly tired joke about the snail that bought a car. The brand he bought was called an S car. When he drove off, he managed to get it up to two miles an hour, and the dealer said, “Look at that S car go.”


    • Lol……It was lovely, but very hot and humid here these days (not complaining I do love it and think about this heat all winter!). We got some much needed rain today so I hope they’re correct that some is on its way to you!

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