Magnolia Silhouette

Magnolia SilhouetteFinally got out taking images on Monday and went to the Civic Gardens. Hurt my foot on icy Toronto sidewalks in February and have been hobbling around for a while…thank goodness it is gradually getting better. So many nice spring things to photograph!

© Sheila Creighton 2017

4 thoughts on “Magnolia Silhouette

  1. Our magnolias are blooming, but they’re so different from yours. Ours have large, salad (or dinner!) plate-sized flowers. I think these might be what we call tulip trees. I need to do some research and see if they’re native, or imported from wherever. In any event, they’re lovely flowers, and the buds are remarkably graceful.

    • Yeah there are several types that grow here -some have pink flowers, others white. I don’t think this tree had a tag on it (Civic Gardens is a mini arboretum) but I’ll take a look next time I’m there. We do have tulip trees here and they have yellow flowers and huge tulip shaped leaves – in fact, I planted one in my backyard! They are a big, fast growing native tree, quite different from what we know as magnolias.

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