3 thoughts on “Yellow and Blue Sky

  1. How pretty and so Summery! I’ve just read your comment on my blog, Sheila, so I’m a little late replying (haven’t been around here for a while). Hope all is good with you and yours. How are things where you live (we don’t hear much about Canada here). We’ve been very cautious through the pandemic – rarely going out, actually. Restrictions were pretty tight here in Wales and have only recently been relaxed somewhat. I didn’t see the live stream from Stonehenge – it makes me feel sad having left all that behind, to be honest 😦

    • Thanks, Meanderer! So nice to hear from you. We’re also being cautious and Canada has done quite well flattening the curve. I’m working from home and way busier than ever so needing a summer holiday for sure. Gearing up for September which is my craziest month at work so I will be glad when that is over. I am embracing the unknown and trying to be grateful, flexible and optimistic. Stay well my friend, this too shall pass. 🙂

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