4 thoughts on “Redroot

  1. I was curious about the name, and found this: “The name “Bloodroot”…describes the bright red underground stem and root system. When cut open, the roots ooze or “bleed” a potent red-orange sap, which is said to stain anything it touches. The scientific name Sanguinaria canadensis also refers to Bloodroot’s sap. Sanguinaria (Latin) means bleeding. The plant was believed to be first identified in Canada, giving insight into the species name chosen.”

    There’s more interesting information here. It certainly appeals to white flower loving me!

    • It is an interesting native plant – hence the common name Redroot. I have them in my garden and it is always a surprise when digging and you see the red that you know the Bloodroots are in there hiding. 🙂

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