Morning Jewels

I have been in love with the art of photography since age 15 when I was given my first SLR. A few years later,  I studied old school Photography at Sheridan College, followed by Media Arts and New Media.

Nature and landscapes are by far my favourite subjects since that means I’m likely out hiking. I also enjoy capturing images of places I travel to, animals, graffiti, cars, architecture, abstract views and patterns.

I hope you enjoy my work – thanks for stopping by. It’s so great to know people from all over the world.

Sheila, Ontario, Canada

All images are copyright © Sheila Creighton and cannot be used without my permission.

172 thoughts on “About

  1. I sincerely wish I had a fraction of your ability with a camera. You have a wonderful way of making a living.
    I’m playing it safe for now, only trying to be creative with words so far… maybe I’ll pluck up the courage to grab a lense sometime in the future.
    Please keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing more of your creations.


  2. You have a great eye and I like the purity of your images. But for my own personal taste, I can’t handle the changing background color of this theme, I find it distracting, and I’d rathe my eyes just focused on your images. I am adding your blog to my rotation of blogs I visit regularly.

    • thanks Wayne. I know what you mean about the theme bg color… sometimes I really like the choice and it complements the image, and other times not. It does however open my eyes to color combos I would never consider in design that do work. thanks for stopping by!

  3. Lovely collection! I used to work in animation years ago and worked in Berlin with several graduates of Sheridan. Great school — produces wonderful artists, such as yourself.

  4. Looks like I could spend quite some time perusing your work. You create the most beautiful images with the already stunning nature around you! I love it!

  5. Hi Sheila,

    Great pictures… lucky to find your blog on ‘Photographic Memories’ blogroll… may I add your link to my roll as well please? I’m enjoying learning from the the perspectives of others… new countries… new ideas!

    Cheers for now,

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  7. Hello Sheila. I just found your blog, and love the iamges!! I hope you don’t mind, but I have added your blog to my blogroll. Let me know if you would prefer I didn’t list it.

  8. This is my first time on ur blog and i seem to be ‘like’ing each snap !! So,just wanted to say Congratulations for such good work !! U really have an eye and skill for these awesome captures ! Great going !

  9. Sheila, thank you very much for liking my Abstract 11 post, its very good to get encouragement! I’ve been looking through the pictures that you have on your blog and I’m very impressed – especially with the water reflections – so I’m going to subscribe. Thanks for good pictures! FATman

  10. Sheila – thanks liking my Vehicles post too! I >>>THINK<<< I've subscribed to your blog but I'm not certain – please have a look and see if I need to try again! Many thanks. FATman

  11. Your pictures are beautiful. You’ve given me some more ideas of what I should photograph. I’m so hung up on birds, that I forget there is so much else out there to shoot through my camera. Thanks for your blog.

    • Thanks very much for your kind words Joleen. Your bird images are quite beautiful. I never know what I am going to shoot next but I am open to anything… of course I do go searching for nature images and with digital costing so little, I really enjoy experimenting – just need to remember my tripod. 🙂

  12. Hello Sheila,

    Hope you’re having a great weekend. Just wanted to let you know that, as an admirer of your blog, I have passed along a nomination of your blog for the Versatile Blogger award. You can find out the details on my blog.

    I hope it pleases you.

    Kind regards,

  13. The crispness of so many of your photographs simply is stunning. I know many of the areas that you showcase and the simplicity in the photos really captures those locations. I love closeups and shots that have only parts of the whole – they are stunning.

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  15. I have been meaning to tell you for quite a long time how much I enjoy your posts – not only because they’re gorgeous, but also because you shoot so many locations that have memories or meaning for me. I grew up in London, spent summers in Bayfield, and roamed a lot of the countryside you photograph. Love love your blog.

  16. Wow. I found one of your images on a Google search, and I absolutely love your photos. I wish I had an eye like yours. I’m looking forward to what you come up with next.

  17. Thanks for your comment on postcard cafe. I always appreciate feedback. Getting nice comments such as yours are very encouraging. I also value comments that may be more critical if they help me improve my photography or processing.
    You have some great images on your blog and I like that you say most are as taken all but a few tweaks.
    On a more critical note (if I may be so bold) I wanted to add a comment about the theme used on your blog. I know finding the best WordPress theme for photography isn’t easy and there are always trade offs between different themes. All I wanted to say is that to my eye I don’t think the theme sets your photographs in the best light. Your photographs are great so this isn’t a comment about your photography. The thing I am less keen on is the way the title or info about the shot is attached to the frame of the shot. This perhaps is a very personal thing so do ignore my comment if I’m the only person who thinks this! I enjoy reading the titles and little bits of info for your images and I think it adds to the feel of the blog. For me it is simply the format of having the little black box on each photograph. I think it distracts from some of the images. There were a few that I think would definitely benefit by separating the words so that they stand alone. I think some would be so much stronger as photographs.
    Do bin this comment if you think I’m talking rubbish. As a photographer the thoughts I have shared were the thoughts I had while looking at your blog and I felt I should just share my initial response.
    I am now following your blog and look forward to future posts.
    Keep up the good work…
    Best wishesPC 🙂

    • thanks for the feedback. I know what you’re saying about the borders/captions and I’m playing with design ideas. Until last week you could click on each image and they would open into their own window sans caption. wordpress changed something so I need to figure that out.

      • Phew! I sometimes leave comments and people respond negatively. I try to offer constructive criticism and if I think something while viewing a blog then it feels right to pass it on so that fellow bloggers can properly evaluate if their blog is working well for people.
        I have two blogs. Postcard Cafe has one theme which isn’t perfect but it’s what I started the blog with a few years ago. My other blog – Little Bits Of Sheffield is my daily photo blog and I started with one of the heavy duty photo-blogs where people can only click on one image at a time because that is all the front page displayed. I went through a few different themes before settling on the present one which is called Selecta. Again it’s not perfect and is quite stylised but people don’t have to dig too far to see quite a few images and the archives are quite good.
        I’m pleased my comment was taken in the way it was given. Best wishes, PC 🙂

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  19. Hello, Sheila Creighton.
    Congrats to your blog. It’s very beautiful.

    I’m starting to use this theme (Skylark) and I’d like to know how you change the color of the head title. The pattern is blue and I can’t change that one. Have you paid for the Custom Design upgrade?

    If you desire, please visit my blog is arquitetodafelicidade.com.br and verify what I do.

    Greetings from Brazil.

  20. Thanks for supporting my blog. What I really enjoy about your , besides the obvious creative skill, is that it is familiar. I do not have the opportunity to photograph your corner of Ontario, so it is very nice to visit it through you posts.

  21. Greetings from Australia Sheila,
    I really enjoyed reading through your biography. I fully understand your passion and love for photography. Experiencing nature and the complexity of cities are two of my favourite themes. I would dearly love to experience our beautiful Canada one day. Take great care.
    God bless

  22. I’ve enjoyed my visit here! I use to follow your blog a long time ago and really enjoyed it so it’s nice to have found you again. Looking forward to following your work! 😀

  23. Would like permission to share “Sarnia Road” on my sight (tipoftheleaf.com) and have permission to post the photo there as well. I would credit you fully, refer this site, and list it under a post along the lines of “Thinking simply: How to take a good photo”.

  24. Hello Sheila, I would like your permission to post Frosted Silhouette on my site, (theprayinglife.com). I will credit you and include a link to this site. Thank you for sharing what you see.

  25. Dear Sheila,
    I am an English novelist living in Cyprus. I would very much like to use one of your photos for an eBook cover. It is Long Ago Laughter, Posted on December 29, 2012. , City Orchards, deserted, London, Ontario.
    The book is called “Childhunt”, a mystery suspense in my “Diana Rivers” mysteries series. You can see it on Amazon or any major eBook outlet. I can assure you that despite its title there are no gratuitous episodes. My style is more Agatha Christie than Patricia Cornwell. I will be happy to send you a copy if you tell me which format you prefer.
    If you wish to PM me via Facebook my id is Faith Mortimer:Author.
    kind regards
    Faith Mortimer

    • Hi Faith, thanks for your email. Certainly you can use this for your ebook cover. All I ask is a photo credit and a link to my blog. I would love a copy! This scene is a piece of history now that the old orchard is gone.

  26. Hi Sheila,
    I like your blog! I stumbled upon it looking for graffiti photos. I am designing a wedding invite for a friend. Is it OK with you if I use the photo “downtown love” (Posted on October 13, 2012) to make the card a more colourfull and funky? It would be great if you could send me a higher res. version…
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Carli – thanks for the compliment. If this is for non-commercial purposes and you give me a photo credit – photo courtesy imageryoflight.com then, yes, you can use it. Let me know if you’re good with this and I can send a higher res file. Sheila 🙂

  27. Can you find out my e-mail address through this blog? Or should I post it. As soon as I have yours I will send you a preview of the card I am working on.

  28. Hi Sheila,
    You have a beautiful shot of a street scene at night. I am a freelancer for Harper Collins and we’d love to license your image for a cover. Can you let us know if you’re interested and how much it would cost to license from you?
    Many thanks,

  29. Hi, Sheila! I love your photography! I finally stumbled across this theme, which I really like, and was wondering, how did you change the header background color from that bright blue? I would like anything but blue up there. I’m a photographer, too, and brand new here at WordPress. Quite a learning curve! Thanks for any help you can provide, and Bravo for such lovely photography!

  30. Hi Sheila, I’m seriously considering collecting my poetry and self publishing –a small run at first, just to give away to friends, and “fans”, and I wonder what are the chances of using your “Last Hurrah” as the cover of my book?

  31. Amazing diversity in your subjects Sheila, and amazing composition. And I love your simple by-line/titles. I have to admit as I scrolled through many of your photos… I liked them all! Hello, from a fellow Canadian.

  32. I’ve always been so interested in photography, but never spent much time on pursuing that interest. Definitely looking forward to your blog. Your photography is so amazing *_*

  33. Thanks for stopping by Angel Pavillion. The love for nature is truly defined in your images. I found that some may be fit my theme of Where Angels Dwell. I believe angels are everywhere and some places are like a small paradise. Love your work.

  34. What makes your photos really stand out for me is the way images show light – of course the name of the blog is a dead giveaway. Over the last couple of months I’ve been keeping that in mind while trying to improve my own photography, so I was delighted when a friend said recently that my pictures are ‘full of light’. Thank you, Sheila! I’ve learnt a lot from your photos. With best wishes, Judith

  35. Hi,
    I’ve been following your blog and I love seeing your photos almost everyday and the brief notes about them. Thank you so much. My name is Sheela too, though I spell it differently.

  36. Beautiful photos Sheila. You bring out the wonder in simple things and ably illustrate the natural beauty that is all around us if we only bother to slow up and take a look. Your pictures would make a fabulous book!

  37. I recently had my laptop “fixed” and now I find I no longer have your e-mail address in my contacts, so I am contacting you this way to say I’ve won an award for my poetry book A Certain Age…Writers’Digest has given it an award in its 23rd annual competition for self-published books in the Poetry category. This is a national, reputable publication so I am very pleased. I wanted you to know because I am sure my book’s cover, with your photo on it, richly contributed to the effect. Thanks Sheila…. now we’re famous! 🙂

    • Wow! That is awesome! Congrats Cynthia – the ‘big time.’ Your work is wonderful and you did such a pro job on the book it’s no wonder. I am thrilled to be a small part of this publication and its success! Great news!! You so deserve it. 🙂

  38. Suggestion: Visit Leo’s Christmas Trees in West-Lorne if you are in that area (1 hr drive from St-Thomas/London). Very inspirational venue for photography. If and when, etc., give him greetings from South Africa. Greetings, Herman.

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