18 thoughts on “Flowerworks

  1. Definately a beautiful dandelion clock.
    I’m going to have to check out the night settings on my camera before the evenings close in again but for now I’m enjoying the long daylight hours.

  2. I like this a lot. The composition with the fireworks at the top is really great, different from so many shots.

    • thanks… I actually prefer to present my images as “art” and not focus on the technical aspects… but for you.. with fireworks I generally experiment. this was shot at a 1.5 second exposure, f4.5, 75 mm, ISO 200… using a longer lens allowed for the different effect in framing – which I was gong for since I also took a bunch with a wider angled lens – not as interesting since I was only shooting the fireworks and not the scenery. When I get a new and better camera, maybe I will be more technically inclined 🙂

      • I understand that technique is a prerequisite for art photography. You master it perfectly, all along your blog. Thanks for the infos on fireworks. I’m glad to see that I actualy use pretty the same range of settings for my fireworks photos (see some French National Day fireworks on my blog).

      • thank you – depending of the subject, I do bracket a lot (beauty of digital) and the technical aspects are part experience, part trial and error, part luck!

        lovely fireworks over Biarritz shots – and you are dealing with a heck of a lot more light with a long shot and the city scene – that is much harder to do since one is so bright, the other not.

        Thanks for your thoughtful comments!

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