4 thoughts on “Buttonbush in the Pond

  1. I certainly never have seen buttonbush like this. These plants are tough.

    We’re in the middle of a cold snap, and when I went out this morning, the ice in the bird baths was frozen solid. I spent about 30 seconds pondering what it takes to “do photography” in such weather, and decided the first thing it takes is more appropriate clothing that I have. My winter wardrobe has grown a little thin after so many years on the Gulf coast.

    • They love to grow in water – amazing really they survive so well…. cold snap eh? Where are you? Do you get snow? Bundle up. We’re on a roller coaster here the last few weeks…lots of snow, then warmer, rain, everything melts, then brutal cold snap, then lots more snow, then rain and wind and overnight has melted a lot of the snow. it’s nuts.

      • I’m on the Texas coast, halfway between Houston and Galveston. We are not always happy about cold snaps. On the other hand, a week ago I was living with plants in the living room and ice in the bird bath. Today, every window in the place is open and I’m barefooted. Roller coaster, we know!

      • oh now that sounds like my kind of weather!! I decided not to take my camera with me one day last week because is was -12 degrees Celsius (about 10 Fahrenheit) and my camera’s cold tolerance is -10… already looking forward to spring.

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