Chalk Face

Chalk Face

This is a view of a chalk drawing in progress from the Imadon Expressions in Chalk Festival 2011 which I attended in London this past weekend. Thirty-five artists took part for three days creating a wide variety of colourful masterpieces. I do not have this artist's name, but will endeavour to find out.

© Sheila Creighton 2011

18 thoughts on “Chalk Face

    • The festival started on the Saturday morning and on the Sunday morning there was a sudden, unexpected thunderstorm and most had to start from scratch… which was too bad – of course Sunday night they were all covered and taped down..

  1. Beautiful. Having been influenced by Disney as a child , I expect to be able to jump into a chalk art and have an adventure.

  2. I love how you shot this picture, especially with the crayons on the side. Great artist too, it is so inspiring to see all the talent and creativity that constantly surrounds us.

  3. Stunning picture, Sheila – the ghostly chalk face on its own is sensational, but the loose chalks on the ground really add something here – as does the rough and pebbly nature of the ground. Superb! Adrian

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